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Firing Systems

6/24 Pyroflash Controller

The Pyroflash 6/24 is the leading system for firing multiple combinations of pyrotechnic effects including Pyroflash and ProStage II. It is a 6 channel unit, offering a range of features to enable any number of combinations of…
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2-way & 6-way Controllers

Battery operated cap discharge controller systems with 2 and 6 channels, suitable for use with both Pyroflash and ProStage II effects. A power supply is available as an option. 6-Way: Each of the 6 channels can be fired…
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One Shot Controller

One Shot is a compact hand-held pyro firing system capable of firing a maximum of 2 ignitors in series. Features: Arm key switch, continuity test LED, fire button. Powered by 1x 9V battery. NB: The key switch…
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