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4 reasons to use a smoke or haze machine for your next event

4 reasons to use a smoke or haze machine for your next event

Sunday 05 October 2014

Smoke and haze machines can be used to create amazing smoke effects in a variety of settings, from theme parks to film sets, theatre productions to stadium concerts and they can even be used for fire safety training. You'll find a huge variety of models of smoke machine to choose from, but here are four reasons to use a smoke machine at your next event.

#1. Create a creepy atmosphere

Halloween or haunted house theme park events call for a smoke machine or even better a low-fog machine to create a spooky, creepy atmosphere. Imagine a haunted graveyard with wispy, eerie smoke billowing across it, or a seemingly abandoned haunted house with smoke rising from the floor? Smoke machines can help to create the right atmosphere for any spooky event, whether it's Halloween or another time of year, and there are models available to suit the venue of your choice, from a small room to a large stadium!


#2. Create some drama

Top of the range hazers create high-quality haze which hangs in the air for a long time and adds drama to lighting effects on stage. So  haze machines are a great choice if you're looking to create a buzz for a music concert or other gig. It's up to you whether you hire or purchase the machine of your choice, but they will liven up any event and add a touch of theatre.


#3. Liven up your nightclub launch

If you're opening a new club, or perhaps just launching a brand new club night, you want it to go down in history as a memorable night, so you need to pull out all the stops. Hiring dancers, the best DJs and catering to suit your event is crucial, but a smoke machine is just as important! The right lighting and atmosphere can really make or break your event, and it will get people talking, which means people will remember it long after last orders.


#4. Set the scene

Stage productions make excellent use of fog and smoke machines to create the right atmosphere on stage. For these types of events, you'll want to ensure you hire or buy a smoke machine which can be safely used indoors. Smoke machines can be used to set the scene for a creepy tale or a misty Victorian street in the early morning – their uses are limited only by your imagination.

Smoke machines have a huge variety of uses, and there are just some of the reasons to use one one for your next event.

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