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Le Maitre Flame Range now with Saran Caps

Le Maitre Flame Range now with Saran Caps

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Le Maitre is changing the production of its flame range and all Le Maitre flames will be saran-capped.

Previously, our flames were supplied with a plastic cap. Having saran-capped flames means the user no longer needs to remove and dispose of the plastic caps prior to use. The powder within the product is contained making it easier to move show boards containing the flames, and if the unit is knocked over there will be no spillage. The powder will always have a degree of protection from cross-ignitions, without the technician having to add foil to the unit, and the igniter is placed between the two tubes so the reinforced tape is not visible.

This change over to saran makes the products more robust, easier to transport and more user-friendly.

Le Maitre has a wide range of flames including Standard Flame Projectors, VS Intense Flame Projectors, VS Coloured Flames and VS Gerb Flames.

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