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Le Maitre investment in production process results in great product performance.

Le Maitre investment in production process results in great product performance.

Thursday 18 September 2014

Le Maitre's fantastic new production process invested in by the company last year, is now paying great dividends! Not only has the process resulted in greatly increasing production efficiency, it is also producing dramatic improvements in product performance.

These significant improvements include:


  • Products are much cleaner, with fallout reduced by 1/3 (for magnesium based compositions)
  • Products are much more consistent across the range with colours in the same family travelling at similar rates
  • Blue and purple mines have been brought inline to look and behave in the same way as other colours, so they are now much brighter and tighter.
  • The new production process greatly improves consistency between batches and individual products meaning the customer will receive the same quality product every time.
  • Many of the magnesium compositions have been re formulated and are now low perchlorate compositions thus reducing their environmental impact. Even better than that, the Silver, White and Pink are completely perchlorate free! (You would need to dissolve over 9000 30ft mines in to an Olympic size swimming pool to put Le Maitre’s products over the tightest current (2013) US perchlorate regulation

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