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Le Maitre Showing Range of Flames, Haze, Smoke and Pyro at Prolight + Sound 2018

Le Maitre Showing Range of Flames, Haze, Smoke and Pyro at Prolight + Sound 2018

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Le Maitre will be showing a wide range of products at this years Prolight & Sound on 10th -13th April.

NEW for 2018 is the Wireless Salamander Quad Pro. Le Maitre’s newest flame machine is a completely wireless, stunning high flame effect. Battery powered, with integrated wireless COBRA firing systems technology, it is a completely wireless version of the Salamander Quad Pro. With an internal chargeable battery and no running cables, the Wireless SQP can simply be put in place and switched on, making it easy, quick and safe to use.

The canister-based flame effect produces single continuous flames or flame balls reaching up to 12ft if fired individually or up to 25ft when all four canisters are fired simultaneously. It produces 30 seconds of continuous flame, or up to 120 fire balls.

The Wireless Salamander Quad Pro is extremely safe. There are no internal valves or accumulators so gas never remains in the system once the canister has been removed, and there is a tilt safety switch.

Other products we'll have on show include a range of our smoke machines and haze machines:

G300 SMART  - Le Maitre’s rugged, versatile and durable smoke machine, with an extremely high output of dense white smoke. Incorporating Internet of Things technology, the user can access machine diagnostics via their mobile phone or tablet, as well as set up and control the interval, duration, flow level and pre-delay times wirelessly.

GForce 2 - Part of the GForce range, the GForce 2 is a high-powered, continuous flow, water-based smoke machine. It is based on the core technologies of the G300 but engineered with new design and manufacturing enhancements, making it extremely economical. Smoke output is up to 25,000 cbm per hour.

MVS SMART – Le Maitre’s powerful and versatile hazer, with smart controls and monitoring features which allow users to access machine diagnostics via a mobile phone or tablet, as well as set up and control the hazer remotely.

EcoHazer - Environmentally friendly, the EcoHazer uses just 100-150W. It uses a revolutionary ceramic heat exchanger system, making it incredibly efficient. Operation is either manual or via 2-channel DMX. The fan is adjustable from 0-90°, and the 3-digit LED display makes this compact unit extremely user-friendly.

HazeMaster - This rugged, powerful hazer has a massive output capacity, high-power variable fan and low power consumption. Its intuitive controls and a 3-minute warm up time help ensure it is ready to go when needed.

FreezeFog Pro - Le Maitre’s FreezeFog Pro creates a dramatic, controllable low-lying fog effect. The low fog fluid is pumped from a smoke machine into the FreezeFog where it combines with either high or low pressure liquid CO2 from a remote cylinder. With high output, the fog is long lasting, residue free and remains low lying and very cold. It is ideal for stages, showrooms, TV studios, clubs, parks and more.

We will also be showing our Salamander flame machine. The compact canister-based unit produces 30 seconds of continuous flame up to 4 metres high or up to 50 fire balls. Up to four units can be coupled together to produce a single flame up to 6 metres high.

Visit us on Stand C69 in Hall 5 where you can also find out about all our latest pyrotechnics, including our Multi Shot products, our large scale Comets which reach up to 150', and all the latest products in our Virtually Smokeless pyrotechnics range. We look forward to seeing you there.

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