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Flashes, Stars & Gunshots


A bright, colourful flash with a small report and a little smoke, available in two sizes. Available in Red, Green, Yellow and White. Small Flash: 2ft(H) x 4"(W) Arena Flash: 8ft(H) x 1ft(W) Noise level:…
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Theatrical Flash Pyropots

Theatrical Flash: A brilliant white flash followed by a pure white mushroom cloud of smoke that rises upwards. Available in Small, Medium & Large. Dimensions (Flash):     Small: 3'(H) x…
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Silver Star Pyropots

Similar to the Theatrical Flash Pyropot, but it combines sparkling silver stars with the flash. Medium: 9ft x 11ft Large: 13ft x 13ft
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VS Flashes

A bright colourful flash with a small report and reduced smoke. Available in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver fizz, white and yellow. Le Maitre’s Virtually Smokeless range uses completely…
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Gunflash & Gunshots

The Gunflash creates a realistic simulation of a gun being fired when inserted into a barrel. Produces an orange or white flash with some white smoke. The Sparkle version also delivers silver…
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A Microdet is a miniature maroon housed in a plastic or cardboard (non-fragmental) casing. It is used to simulate bullet hits on walls or ground, particularly in film and TV. Safety trials should be conducted in advance to…
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Flash Tubes

Also known as Split Mines or Flash Curtains, this effect produces a spectacular 15' high fan-shaped effect, or a downward curtain if flown from a truss. Available in several colours and effects. There is some hot…
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