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Safety Information

All Le Maitre pyrotechnic products are approved by the HSE. On each product page of the site you can download the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet specific to that product. This contains detailed information and instructions on the safe use and storage of the product.

The use of pyrotechnics, indoors and outdoors is at the sole discretion of the operator who will have taken full note of the prevailing situation. Operators are warned that pyrotechnic devices can sometimes vary in their performance and no guarantee is given that every device will perform the same. This must be borne in mind when siting devices.

The safe use of pyrotechnics requires a complete knowledge of the product being used, matched with a proper risk assessment. If the product is new to the user it should be observed in a safe outdoor location so that the effect can be fully ascertained before being used indoors.

Le Maitre pyrotechnics must only be used in conjunction with Le Maitre firing systems or Le Maitre approved devices. Any approved device will have written approval from Le Maitre. No liability of any sort will be entertained by Le Maitre where pyrotechnics are used with an unapproved firing system.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever as to the firing of an effect please contact us on +1 (702) 843 5080 for detailed advice and instructions.

Explosives Regulations

Download a copy of the Explosives Regulations 2014, a guide to safety provisions. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v.3.0

Wiring Of Pyrotechnics

A guide to direct wiring, parallel wiring and series wiring of pyrotechnics

Smoke Machine Standards

The following document offers instructions on how to monitor glycol glycerin, the standards and recommendations that are relevant to their use and what to do if the concentrations of these fog materials exceed the standards and recommendations.

ESTA testing report final

The following document is the calibration factors for monitoring theatrical smoke and haze.

Colenutt Report

Analysis and Toxicology of Le Maitre Smoke Products - By Dr. B.A. Colenutt.

Toxicology Report

The Cohen Group Report and the HSE Consulting Report on Toxicology are not identical documents, but are substantially congruent in their findings. Both reports state that all of the chemicals they studied (glycerin and five dihydric alcohols) are of low toxicity.

Use of Le Maitre Flash Reports (Concussion)

Download a copy of the independent report of the environmental effects of the Le Maitre range of Flash Reports (preloaded concussions). The report was written by Dr Rob Farnfield from Exchem Explosives.

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