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Multishot Comets

Multishot Comets are 10 single brightly coloured stars that are shot upwards one at a time from a single board with one igniter.

They last for a duration of 10 seconds.

Available in heights of 60ft, 100ft, 125ft and 150ft.

Available in a variety of colours, with or without a tail. There is also a 'matrix comet' option for the 100ft, 125ft and 150ft comets to add a flitter or crackle effect to the comet, in addition to the chosen colour.

To order a 100ft, 125ft or 150ft comet with tail simply add a T to the code, e.g. PP1692MT would be a 100' Multi Shot Comet Orange with Tail.

To order with a crackle effect add a C suffix to the code. To order a matrix comet (with flitter) add an F suffix to the code: e.g. PP1689MC would be a 100' Multishot Comet Blue with Crackle.

Multishot Comets are made to order.


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